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Straw Pet Litter Filler

Straw Pet Litter Filler
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PELLEGREEN TM straw filler is an excellent substrate for your pet's toilet. Straw pellets are perfect as filler or bedding for all kinds of animals. They have several advantages that make them the most ecological and safe option among all fillers.

Due to the natural straw base, PELLEGREEN TM filler effectively retains and neutralizes unpleasant smells (including the ammonia odor). It is economical in use and has excellent absorption properties: being ultra-absorbent, 2 kg of straw filler absorbs at least 5 liters of liquid. It allows you to spend a reasonable amount of filler and keep freshness in your pet's toilet.

The used filler is an excellent fertilizer: after disposal, it is 100% decomposed by microorganisms without harming the environment. Suitable for flushing down the toilet.

The specific production process sterilizes and vacuums the pellets, preventing bacterial growth and infection. So our pet litter filler is safe for health and suitable for allergic animals.

Why should you buy it?
• non-allergenic and safe for health;
• absorbs liquids quickly and reliably;
• neutralizes ammonia odor;
• the cat litter surface stays dry;
• do not stick to your pet's paws;
• effective and economical;
• safe in case of accidental ingestion of an animal;
• easy to dispose of and can be flushed down the toilet;
• spores and mold are absent.

How to use:
• Fill the dry litter box with a 2 to 5 cm layer of cat litter. It is possible to use a tray with a grid.
• Take away the contaminated part of cat litter regularly.
• Make replacement of cat litter at least once every 5-7 days as needed. Always refill to 5 cm.
• Waste from your cat litter tray can be placed in the compost. Clumps can be removed from the tray and flushed down the toilet (check with local authorities first).

Composition: straw (shredded). 100% natural plant-based. The size of the pellets is 6 mm. Heat treated. Free from chemical additives.

Available in pack sizes:
• 3 kg - 1,63 €
• 5 kg - 2,45 €
• 8 kg - 4,05 €
• 15 kg - 6,51 €

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