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Сантарен (Португалия)
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Мясные продукты, компании в Сантарене

0.0 5 янв

It is located in Alcanede, relatively close to Santarém, all the reason for being of this site, I speak of the company Valsabor that has as object of work the slaughter and transformation of meat, having started its activity in the year 1989. Since that year it has gone through some phases of...

В радиусе 250 км от Сантарена
0.1 22 мая

At DPAQ LDA, we are a premier manufacturer and trading company dedicated to delivering a diverse range of high-quality products to meet the global market's demands. Our extensive product categories include Poultry, Meat, Beverages, Agricultural Products, and Edible Oils, ensuring that we cater...

0.0 12 янв 2023

We are Pork, beef, chicken slaughter and processing plant located in Portugal. We sell and export meat products worldwide including china, Hong kong and others.

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