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Financial Solutions - Accounting
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Financial Solutions - Accounting

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Financial Solutions - Accounting
TPM´s Financial Solutions | Accounting and Financial Management of your project | Domicillation foreign companies
 Provision of services in the areas of accounting and management of your company and your projects.   We have a specialized team, with extensive experience to help manage and grow your business, whatever your area!   See our specialized website.
Main Funnctions:   Organized and simplified accounts Salary processing and personnel management   Organization and Management Project management Applications for several national and international projects Compliance with all accounting and tax obligations Business Consulting Financial advice and advice Investment plans in various business areas Accounting and financial management of non-profit companies We use various software in the area of ​​accounting, personnel, billing, etc.
Other Functions: Accounting services for companies, individuals (opening, maintenance, closing) Green Receipts, IRS, VAT, IRC, SSocial. Money transfers from a bank account to a personal account in another country. Ros / Ukr / Evr. Services 1%, without other expenses. Virtual office, company domiciliation, company management, project management, audits, ROC.
Legal Services
Contracts negotiation and signature, promissory contract and deed of purchase
Certifications, translations and apostilles
Real estate acquisitions and management procedures
Tax Planning
Register a New Company
Labor contracts


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,  Лиссабон, PT
на Флагма с 23 сентября 2021

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