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Powders for thermal coatings

Powders for thermal coatings
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Обновлено: 22 июня 2024, 06:54 ID: 3376
11 $/штука
на Флагма с 4 октября 2021
Патрашков Радион Леонидович


Dear investors, we offer an enterprise for the creation and use of iron-based powder (instead of nickel)developed by one of the teams of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine alloy based on iron grade x, does not contain nickel and has properties that can serve as an alternative to nickel alloys. Application
nitrided parts: Steam turbine valve rods operating at temperatures up to 450 °C, cylinder liners of internal combustion engines, injector needles, axle boxes, sprayers, pins, plungers, camshafts, gears, shafts, bushings and other parts.
General characteristics
Steel is corrosion-resistant in atmospheric conditions after nitriding. Not prone to temper brittleness, flocken-sensitive. It is not used for welded structures, it is heat-resistant up to 500 ° C. Density at 20 ° C - 7.71x10 ³ kg / m³
Approximate technical and economic calculation-
As a basis, we take a powder in which 80% nickel
on the world market - the price of nickel 22.5 dollars. USA per 1 kg
- the price of iron is 0.5 dollars. USA per 1 kg
Let's assume that all other costs do not change
The profit on the material is - 22.5-0.5 = 22.00 dollars. USA per 1 kg
With the production of 1000 kg per day - a profit of 22,000 dollars. U. S. per day
Profit per year - 22,000 * 247 working days will be 5,434,000 dollars. United States
Preliminary calculations show that with an investment of 2,000,000 dollars. USA in development and 9000000 dollars. USA in the construction of the plant payback will be 2 years. Write more information - I will answer. Sincerely, Radion Patrashkov. Investment and construction of a company in the country specified by the investor.

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Работает на Флагма с 4 октября 2021
Патрашков Радион Леонидович
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Патрашков Радион Леонидович
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Powders for thermal coatings
11 $/штука ID: 3376
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