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lumber в Порту

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105 €/м.куб. EXW  
опт 105 - 100 €/м.куб.
We produce any sizes of lumber on your request. Own Production is in Belarus. A tree species from which we saw is pine and spruce. We can dry, dip in the transport antiseptic. There are certificates of own production, phytocontrol, country of origin form CT-1, certificates FCS and PFSC. We produce
25 авг 2021
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Продаю доску дуба
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1 €/м.куб. EXW
Good afternoon. Our company LLC "MK PositiveMe" Republic of Belarus. It has the ability to produce lumber from oak (edged board, window beams, 4S4 planed board, lining, plinth). Size: thickness 20-70mm, width 50-300mm, length 1000mm + species (oak) with moisture content of 8-18%. We also produce
23 мар
Edged pine timber
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Good day! Our company is a direct manufacturer of lumber. We are located in Ukraine, Vinnitsa region We cut the pallet blank, timber, boards. Conifers. We cut on the disk equipment. Timber of multisaw quality. Tel, VibER, Vtsap Alina email:
27 ноя 2018
Beam, board, edged board
1 $/м.куб. FOB  
опт 1 $/м.куб.
Our company successfully works in the market of production of lumber and woodworking. The main activities of the company is the production, wholesale of lumber from wood: timber, edged board, board not edging, mounting rail. At the moment we offer a wide range of sawn timber. All the lumber
14 сен 2018
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