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Соевое масло в Португалии

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Crude soybean oil
670 €/т FCA
"SOY TEC" is a manufacturer of unrefined soybean oil (non-genetically modified) and soybean oilcake in accordance with the requirements of DSTU 4534-2006 standards. Delivery of soybean meal is carried out by cargo trucks and railway transport (freight cars), while oil is delivered by tanker
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21 фев
Non Gmo Soybean Oil
1 €/шт
Non GMO soybean oil is made from a strain that hasn’t been genetically modified. We extract the oil, de-hull and crush the seeds, and use a solvent or expeller pressing system to derive the soybean oil. We refine, bleach, and deodorize the soybean oil to provide you with healthy vegetable oil. Our
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19 янв
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